Pricing Guide

​Once we know your full requirements we will give you a price for your Mountain Trekking experience. Example prices can be found below.

Prices for all Multi-Day Mountain Treks include professional and experienced qualified guiding, all trekking equipment, food and hot drinks. We also include water filtration methods. Prices for Single Day Mountain Treks include safety gear and hot drinks. See our equipment page to find out more about what you will need.

Prices shown are examples. If you require skills development such as navigation or photography, this is included in the guiding price. Prices however may sometimes vary depending on guide availability and location.

Pricing for Single Day Treks:

PeopleCost per Person

Pricing for Multi-day Treks:

PeopleCost per Person
2 Days3 Days4 Days5 Days

How do we work out our pricing?

Pricing our treks is a complicated process! The prices shown above take into consideration the cost of paying our guides a fair rate, consumables, gear maintenance and all of the admin work involved in ensuring our treks run smoothly. As group size increases, so does the work-load and resources needed to run a trek safely.

For 2024 we have increased our prices slightly. After keeping our prices frozen for a number of years, we needed to find a way of absorbing the increasing costs that many of us are experiencing. This is not ideal as we want to always ensure our services are accessible to as many people as possible. We give you up to a month before your trek to pay your balance to help with budgeting, but if you require more time to gather a deposit, please let us know.