About Trek Scotland

From the Cairngorms and Beyond

Our home is in the Highland town of Grantown on Spey within the Cairngorms National Park, a fantastic base for adventure across Scotland.

We are a small family business who started our adventure in May 2014. Previously known as Cairngorm Treks, we rebranded to Trek Scotland in September 2019, reflecting our continuing expansion beyond the Cairngorms. 

Our primary focus is to offer mountain trekking with high wild-camping experiences in the various mountain areas of Scotland. Whenever we facilitate a trek we aim to provide our clients with a high level of comfort and experience. As such, we source top of the range, quality lightweight gear and ensure this is provided to all of our multi-day trekking clients as standard. This gear includes tents, sleeping bags and mats, rucksacks, water filtration systems and more. Basically, everything you will need for your days out in the mountains. All you need to bring is your personal items such as clothing and toothbrush. 

We’ve found providing all of the gear removes one of the key barriers that prevents many people seeking high mountain wild-camping experiences. Coupled with our extremely experienced and expert guiding, we are able to help our clients have a truly unique experience in the UK’s jewel of wilderness – the Highlands of Scotland. We offer bespoke expeditions as well as organised group walks.

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