Multi-Day Trek Food Form

Please indicate your preferences. You can choose as many or as few as you like but at least one type from each list. You will be carrying all of your own food and all meals will be packed up into your own individual packs before the start of the trek. We will endeavour to cater as closely as possible to your tastes. All food will be based on your dietary restrictions as indicated on your medical & fitness form. Relating to dietary restrictions, please let us know if you have any specific requests that are not covered on this form and we will do our best to acquire them.

V = Vegetarian

Ve = Vegan


You will get two bread rolls for each lunch.
This is your main filling. We will aim to give you a different filling each day.
Please use the box at the end of this form to confirm your pairings. i.e. Jam with cheese. Otherwise we will do our best to guess!

Evening Meal

This is for your evening camp meal. These are high calorie hot meals designed for high exertion activities.
There are options for all dietary requirements.
This is a simple cup-soup to have in the evening. Great as a warming starter and replacing salts.


You will also get extra energy bars for each day.
You will also get a trail mix which contains dried fruit and nuts.


Milk referenced is powdered and can also be plant based. Milk included will be chosen based on your dietary restrictions.
Your guide will carry everything for hot drinks.
Please add any other information that you think may be useful: e.g. decaf tea, crisp flavours, sandwich filling pairings etc. Breakfast will be muesli and/or granola. Please let us know here if there is anything you explicitly do not like or can't eat.