Trek Scotland and COVID 19

We are all itching to get back to the hills and we anticipate that we will be able to return to the high mountains in Scotland once we enter Phase Three of the Scottish Government’s easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

There is no time scale of when this might be but it is likely to be the latter part of the summer.  We have put together a program of Back to the Hills Treks that might be of interest.

We will only resume Wilderness Mountain Trekking when we feel it is safe and in a way that reduces risk of infection for both our clients and ourselves. This will include additional precautions as follows…

We will ask our Clients to:

  • Carry a face covering/face mask on all our Treks which should be worn, when close contact is unavoidable, including at all times if travelling in our transport.
  • Carry an appropriate gel for cleaning hands [minimum of 60% alcohol]
  • Not attend any of our Treks if you are symptomatic, know you have been in contact with someone who is symptomatic, or have been asked to self isolate. If you have to cancel for any of these reasons you will get a no quibble full refund with our COVID-19 Peace of Mind Guarantee.
  • Physically distance from all other clients, unless they are from the same household

Our Guides will:

  • Physically distance from all clients when possible
  • Carry and wear appropriate PPE for any emergency situations where close contact is unavoidable
  • Curtail the outing if someone becomes symptomatic during a Trek
  • Maintain high standards of hygiene at all times
  • Advise clients at all times about physical distancing and hygiene in relation to eating, drinking and toileting.

Trek Scotland will:

  • Give you a no quibble full refund with our COVID-19 Peace of Mind Guarantee.
  • Clean and sanitise all gear appropriately and to a high standard between Treks. This will include the use of UVC Ozone Germicidal lamps for items that cannot be chemically sanitised.
  • On Multiday Treks provide each client with a new filtration system such as Water To Go Bottles
  • Where appropriate, prepare all food for Treks to the highest standards of hygiene

Please be ware that Trek Scotland accepts no liability if a client breaks physical distancing rules or if they think they have contracted COVID-19 on one of our Treks.