Wildlife Spotting

The unique environments found in Scotland offer wonderful opportunities to spot some of nature’s greatest wildlife scenes.

Why not let us organise a bespoke Single Day Walk, or longer Multi-Day Trek with an overnight wild camp, so you can get to the heart of nature and all it offers…

  • Red Deer can be found in isolated glens throughout Scotland
  • The UK’s only wild reindeer herd survives high in the central Cairngorm area
  • Snow Buntings, Ptarmigan and Mountain Hares abound above the 750 metre contour in the Cairngorms
  • Black Grouse continue their captivating dancing at their lekking sites throughout the summer in the Caledonian Forest
  • Numerous raptors, including Golden Eagles, are present around many of the high isolated crags.

Northern Scotland is also great for seeing the ever changing landscape as the winter snows vanish and the mountains and forests come back to life, to the burst of heather colour at the end of the summer and the sight and sound of rutting deer. If you are interested in photography we can also include free tuition and advice from our professional photography team member, Myrddin Irwin. Find out more here.

Our Single Day Wildlife Walks start from just £50 per person, and our Multi-Day Wildlife Treks start from £178 per person. Further details of pricing can be found here.

We ask you to provide personal walking gear, including waterproofs and boots. For Single Day Walks we include hot drinks. For Multi-Day Treks we provide all food and trekking gear. Please see our equipment page for more details.